2007 "Taiyo(the SUN)" Dedication to Yakushiji Temple

Dedicated to Yakushiji Temple during the participation in "PRESENT TREE LIVE" the celebration marking the 1310th anniversary of the consecration of the principal image of Yakushiji Temple. This work, venerating the Sun which had conferred great favor to the earth, and the hope for the future earth environment, was exhibited in the Kondo of Yakushiji Temple where the statue of Yakushi Sanson was enshrined during the period.

2008 KAODAMA ~ Face Spirits ~ Mori Arts Center Gallery

Period:31 January, 2008 ~ 17 February, 2008
Venue:Mori Arts Center Gallery
(Roppongi Hills, 52nd floor)
Works on show:86

If these bodies, darumas of yesteryear, given life thanks to present-day Tatuya Ishii, were to emerge somewhere in future… it was against this esoteric concept that the exhibition took place. At the venue, countless Kaodama came up in darkness and created a different space.

2008 KAODAMA ~ Face Spirits ~ Nara Yakushiji Temple [Juhokan]

Period:23 August, 2008 ~ 7 September, 2008
Venue:Nara Yakushiji Temple [Juhokan]
Works on show:60

At the "Juhokan" of Yakushiji Temple, where important cultural properties and so on are normally enshrined, 60 works were exhibited, including 5 new pieces as well as "Taiyo" (the Sun) dedicated to the temple itself. The Kaodamas sitting completely at home in the space to which the abyss of time pervades, absorbed increasing power as well as presence and punch.

2009 "NEMORIUS" TOKYO Disney Sea

This Kaodama, created as "an image of a retrieval, centuries after sinking into the sea" to mark the 25th anniversary of the Tokyo Disney Resort, was exhibited in Tokyo Disney sea during the period January _ April 2009. It fitted the global perspective of the park perfectly, as if it had been installed there right from the start.


This Kaodama, which was created for "Cirque du Soleil" _ meaning "the circus of the Sun", conjures visions of "prominent" pillars of fire rising from the Sun, reflecting the passion and uplifting feeling from seeing "ZED". It's a giant-sized Kaodama, 3.85m in height.

2010 Kaodama in Kyoto town squares

Period:1 July, 2010 ~ 31 August, 2010
Venue : NIjo-jo, 12 town squares of Kyoto, focused on Muromachi Street.
Works on show : About 40

"Kaodamas" of the more than 100 in total created by Tatuya Ishii, were exhibited at a dozen Kyoto city venues, including machiya, shops and so on with a quaint flavor of the ancient capital. Also during the same period, at Nijo Castle, a World Heritage site, two new and big-scale works, namely "Kappa Genso" and "Ryujin Densetsu", were specially exhibited.

"LUNA BAMBINO" Luna Regalo- A Gift From the Moon

Ishii Tatuya was inspired to create this KAODAMA art piece titled "LUNA BAMBINO" while he was the creative director of costume designs for Entertainment dinner show “Luna Regalo~ A Gift From the Moon” (Hosted by Fuji TV). Ishii Tatuya conjured the color palette of Kaodama artworks when he saw the yellow and blue color tent of “Luna Regalo”, which he associated with the mystic Grand Prismatic Spring of the Yellowstone National Park in the United States. Kaodama’s mysteriously shaped eyes resemble a full moon overlapping a crescent moon. The eyes reflect the excitement a child feels when squinting from seeing an action-packed performance.

"Shinkai" Dedication to Enryakuji Temple

Dedicated to Hieizan Enryakuji Temple to hold a service for a departed soul for victims who damaged by the East kanto great earth quake in Nov. 2011. Tatuya Ishii's concert was held at the temple, offering the song [FURUSATO] by a cappella at a Buddhist memorial service before the concert.

"Tsurumaru Kourin" for JAL at NARITA AIRPORT

Retirement ceremony was held at the hanger in Narita air port for Japan air line Boeing 747-400 which had been flown over 40years.Tatuya Ishii has taken part for JAL campaign songs, he attended the ceremony as a guest, presented 'Kaodama' [TSURUMARU KOURIN] which is motif from "Tsurumaru" that is the JAL trademark. 「The upper part of the Kaodama was a parental crane and the bottom part is a baby crane which was just born, the baby is bigger than the parent to symbolize Ishii's hope that JAL will be reborn.-..It is currently displayed at Japan Air Lines head office.

2013 "SNIFF OUT 2013"

Period : 20-21 July, 2013
Works on show : About 24

[Sniff out real Music and real art! ] that is a theme of this new style event fuses by Music festival and art festival.
Ishii exhibited his 24 art [Kaodama] and he introduced new Kaodama [Akudamajyoka].
Also he exhibited huge 4m tall KAODAMA [PROMINENCE] side of the stage to make artistic stage. It breathed life into the stage and gave passion to audience.