"Kaodama"..."Face spirits"....Artist Tatsuya Ishii continues to create in a free and unpremeditated manner, placing the ZEN "Daruma" in the base of each sculpture. Then molding and creating each piece with white clay and a unique coating. "KAODAMA" sharply reflects the inner-self of Ishii at various periods, a virtual mass of spirits. KAODAMA transcends the space and time of the present, past and future, and even nationality. He has attracted more attention from his exhibition. On show at the Mori Arts Centre Gallery (Roppongi hills) and the Nara Yakushiji Temple in 2008, special displays at the Tokyo Disney sea resort in 2009, the Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo and the world heritage site of Nijo castle in Kyoto city in 2010, and displayed in a prominent gallery in New York in 2011. He has attracted large attention both at home and abroad.