[KAODAMA]…..TATUYA ISHII breathed such life with clay to DARUMA
Is it new? Or antique? When was it made? Japanese? Or Europe? From where? .... It has crossed the border. Age, race, and religion. You can feel breathing and his soul from this world.

267*370mm / 162p / limited to 1000 / with serial number

¥9,800 (tax in)
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KAODAMA pictorial record

[KAODAMA] was held at Mori arts centre gallery in ROPPONGI Hills in 2008. This pictorial record covers all 83 items displayed.
It includes special interviews with Hiroshi Senjyu, Sakuji Yoshimura, Jusaburo Tsujimura, Tetsujo Otani @ Yakushi temple.

226*260mm / 88p / Japanese・English

¥4,000 (tax in)※SOLD OUT

KAODAMA Photograph collection

TATUA ISHII has made KAODAMA like in a trans. This book collected unfinished work before coating. You can feel his breathing more than complete from the white world.

226*260mm / 72p

¥4,000 (tax in)
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