Born in 1959. After graduating from high school, Ishii studied art in Tokyo. In 1985 he made his musical debut with his legendary group KOME KOME CLUB. Art being his first passion, Ishii quickly started producing the entire production comprehensively including music, stage designs and concepts, costumes, color and image. While maintaining his status as lead singer and creator, he expanded his artistic repertoire to work as a film director, releasing Kappa in 1994, and ACRI in 1996. After KOME KOME CLUB disbanded in 1997 (later reuniting in 2006), he began his career as a solo artist. Ishii's ever-elaborate activities have been limitless, including national concert tours, art performances, live orchestral concerts and more. His talents also lead him to produce space and interior for OSAKA HEP FIVE, a landmark in downtown Osaka. Ishii was also responsible for the overall production for the Aichi World Expo2005 regular program, "Nature's Wisdom". In 2008, Ishii created the mascot "AIRA" for the Japan Iron & Steel Federation's 150th anniversary of the birth of modern steel production in Japan. His inspirational project "Ground Angel", which originated from his wish to spread love and peace was first held in 2002 in Yokohama ('02-'04), then in Hiroshima ('05-'06), and then in Tokyo ('07-12) and has been viewed by more than one million people to date. In addition, Ishii has designed many items such as laptops, mobile phones, jewelry, furniture and tableware. He has also created many works of art, and held his own exhibitions, including Mirai Iseki Ten (Future Ruins) in 1994, Kuusou Bijutsukan (imaginary Museum) in 1997, Sho Ten (Rising) in 1999, NUDE in 2002, and Venus White in 2006. In recent years, Ishii has presented his series of mystical and spiritual objects "Kaodama"(face Spirits), created using Daruma from ancient times. These "Kaodama" objects have been exhibited at the Roppongi Mori Arts Center Gallery (2008), at the Nara Yakushiji Temple (2008), in Kyoto (2010), and in New York (2011). He continues to work actively as an artist in various fields.

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